O’quayshopseychelles  is an online shop, convenient and easy shopping for our customers.


1 - Terms of sale O’quayshopseychelles


This present General Terms and Conditions of sale define the rights and duties of the Parties within the use of the on-line sale of the proposed goods between O’quayshopseychelles and its Buyers, not professionals. 

Both Parties accept them without reserve.

Any order of products on the website www.oquayshopseychelles such as, notably:

- Foodstuffs alcohol and spirit

- Hygiene - hardware shop

- Local small business sector

Is worth acceptance of the present General Terms and Conditions without any reserve.

These General Terms and Conditions of sale are accessible at any time on the aforementioned website. The online version will prevail where necessary, over any different or contradictory document. O quayshopseychelles retain the possibility to adapt, modify and change at any time the present General Terms and Conditions of sale. 

The enforceable version is the one at force at the date of the signing of the Customer order. The Customer recognizes to have the full capacity to make a commitment in conformity with the present General Terms and Conditions of sale while undertaking transactions on our site.

The customer recognizes to have read and understood the present Terms and Conditions.


2 - Products 


Photos, plans, drawings illustrating products, do not enter the contractual field. No error not affecting the substantial characteristics of a product could induce the responsibility of O quayshopseychelles. The list and the characteristics of products proposed on O quayshopseychelles may be modified and adapted at any time in order to fulfill in a better way Customers’ excpectations.

Products presented on the present web site are proposed in the sale only for Seychelles.

The offers are limited to available stocks without commitment from O quayshopseychelles. The indications on the availability of products are supplied at the time of the signing of the order.


3 - Price lists(rates)


Products are supplied in the current price lists in the day with the confirmation of the acceptance of the order by O quayshopseychelles, established according to the prices of raw materials practised by the suppliers of O quayshopseychelles. The price indicated in the confirmation of the order is definitive and subjecte to the exchange rate of the day.

Only fruits fresh vegetables 1 fish can be subject to variation according to the market.

The prices are expressed in Euro TTC and Seychelles roupies TTC

They do not include expenses of treatment, process, shipping and transportation costs...

Any specific order of the Customer, to which these rates cannot apply, will be the object of an estimate beforehand accepted by him. Estimate workbenches by O quayshopseychelles are valid for a 15-days duration. An estimate is considered as accepted as soon as client confirm his order


4 - Order


The order is made on the site O quayshopseychelles. The customer will choose among the products provided and can proceed to his purchases by connecting on the site. The customer will have to make his order at least 7 days before the delivery. Orders made on Saturdays will be taken into account only on Mondays. In case of public holidays, the order will be taken into account only on the next working day of the company.

Steps to be followed to place an order:

Stage 1: the customer connects on the site O quayshopseychelles

Stage 2: he selects the products which he wishes to buy

Stage 3: he puts down products in his basket

Stage 4: the customer creates its own username in order to finalize the order.

The summary of the order appears (articles, total, payment).

Stage 5: Accept General Terms and Conditions of sale to validate finally by a click " to PLACE ORDER ".

The order is finalized by the confirmation screen. We send you an e-mail of reception and confirmation of the order.

The possible unavailability of certain articles during the delivery does not affect the order of the other products. Their price is deducted from the total price of the said order. 

O quayshopseychelles reserves itself the right to refuse an order for a justifiable motive (difficulty of supply, problems concerning the understanding of the received order, abnormality of the quantities ordered with regard to the common needs for a consumer, case of absolute necessity). If the event where the order could not be accepted, O quayshopseychelles will inform the customer by e-mail or telephone. 

The sale will be considered as definitive only once the sending to the customer of the e-mail of confirmation of the acceptance of the order by O quayshopseychelles is sent.

No order of an amount lower than 170 Euros TTC can be accepted.

The possible modifications of the order by the customer can be taken into account by O quayshopseychelles only within the limits of its possibilities and at the condition of being notified by e-mail at least ten days before the delivery date on the present boat to the quay and confirmed by return of post electronics by O quayshopseychelles.

Stage 6: the customer can choose between bank transfer payment or cash on spot.


Stage 7: O quayshopseychelles deliver the order directly on your boat on the day of your arrival, or to your apartment, villa … You will be responsible for products from their coverage by your care.


5 - Terms of payment


A participation concerning the expenses of treatment, shipping and transportation to the Marina of EDEN ISLAND is added to the total amount of the order.

- For Port of Belombre, port Launay, Beauvallon, expenses of processing, shipping and transportation a 15 % will be added to the usual shipping and transportation total amount of the order.  A minimum order of 300€ will be required.

For other locations, fees are subject to a prior estimacy.

Deliveries made on Sundays, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, National holidays of Seychelles will be taxed by additional 5 % fee on the total amount of the order.


6 - Method of payment


Payments made by Customers will be considered as definitive only after actual collection of the sums owed by O quayshopseychelles.

The payment shall be made by:

Bank transfer or cash upon delivery on spot.


7 - Delivery


The date, the hour, the place of delivery are chosen by the customer at the time of the order.  Nevertheless the time slot can be flexible for technical reasons with the buyer. Once approved by the parties, an hourly range will be defined. Such range can be considered as delay only if it excesses more than 2 hours of the extremity of the time range. If delivery occurs, the customer cannot refuse the order. 

O quayshopseychelles commits to do its best effort to deliver the products to the Customer within the deadlines specified by the order. 

In the event where the ordered products were not delivered within the deadlines aforementioned, the sale can be resolved in writing at the written request of the customer. The sums paid by the Customer will be immediately returned unless hypothesis of compensation or restraint.

O quayshopseychelles is exempted of responsibility in every case of force majeure, unpredictable and external circumstances, in case of disaster or of bad weather recognized, of strikes of suppliers, or any other event which can perturb the circulation of goods and/or the functioning of the data networks and the internet. 

In case of dispute, we consider with our customers the best commercial solutions.

The delivery is considered to be made once the products are given by O quayshopseychelles to the Customer.

In case of particular requests of the Customer concerning the conditions of packaging or transportation of the ordered products, duly accepted in writing by O quayshopseychelles, the related costs will be the object of a additional specific invoicing, on estimate in beforehand accepted by the Customer.

Upon delivery, the Customer shall inspect and verify the visible state of products. In the slightest problem, the Customer can refuse the damaged, broken, not corresponding product (in case of specific order). The incriminated product will be either changed or paid off immediately.


8 - Ownership transfer


Ownership transfer of products O quayshopseychelles, for the benefit of the Customer, will occur upon completion of payment of the price, without respect to the delivery date the aforementioned products. 

The transfer of the risks of loss or deterioration of products O quayshopseychelles will occur upon transfer onboard. O quayshopseychelles cannot be held liable beyond the delivery onboard.


9 - Clause of property reserve


For lack of payment of all or part of the total price of the order and the delivery, O quayshopseychelles holds a property right on the sold products until completion of payment.  

Any deposit paid by the Customer will remain acquired to the Seller as fixed compensation, without prejudice to any other actions that would be filed against the customer.


10 - Cancellation


The Customer has a withdrawal right during 5 days prior to the day of delivery,  except for the special orders, such as, notably, luxury items or items not sold on the island market.


11 - Responsibility of supplier-guarantee


To ensure its rights, the Customer shall be present on the day of delivery, at the risk of forfeiture of any action relating to it. He will have to refuse, with O quayshopseychelles, any products the packaging of which would seem distorted.

O quayshopseychelles will replace, make replacement or will pay off products considered as defective. This guarantee covers the possible fringe expenses.

The liability O quayshopseychelles shall not be held in case of non compliance with the legislation of the country in which products are delivered, which it is up to the Customer to verify.

The Customer is solely responsible for the choice of products, for their preservation and for their use.


12 - Complaint and disputes


The confirmation of order sent to the customer specifies the day and the time slot during which he can take up his products. The customer has to make sure of the conformity of his order during the delivery. deadline(extension) of working day to formulate Any claim shall be formulated by e-mail (in the category "contact us”) on our web site O quayshopseychelles or by telephone with the customer service. Any claim shall specify the costumer’s complete address and phone number (coordinates), the customer’s number as well as the reference of its order.

Any complaint not made in accordance with the rules defined above and within the time constraints allowed shall not be taken into account. In any event, passed the 24 hours delay, the company cannot be held liable. 

All the disputes in relation to or arising ouf of the present Terms and Conditions, its validity, its performance, its interpretation, its termination, are submitted to the jurisdiction of Victoria, Mahé Seychelles's court.

During the delivery of products to the customers, the latter will have to present an ID card as well as its number of order indicated on the site. Customers shall sign the invoice giving evidence of the taking possession of the goods. No customer can withdraw goods without displaying its ID card or its number of order.


13 - Data protection acts


The personal information collected on the web site O quayshopseychelles are for the sole use of the company O' quayshopseychelles,