Terms of payment


A participation concerning the expenses of treatment, shipping and transportation to the Marina of EDEN ISLAND is added to the total amount of the order.

- For Port of Belombre, port Launay, Beauvallon, expenses of processing, shipping and transportation a 15 % will be added to the usual shipping and transportation total amount of the order.  A minimum order of 300€ will be required.

For other locations, fees are subject to a prior estimacy.

Deliveries made on Sundays, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, National holidays of Seychelles will be taxed by additional 5 % fee on the total amount of the order.


Method of payment


Payments made by Customers will be considered as definitive only after actual collection of the sums owed by O quayshopseychelles.

The payment shall be made by:

Bank transfer or cash upon delivery on spot.




The date, the hour, the place of delivery are chosen by the customer at the time of the order.  Nevertheless the time slot can be flexible for technical reasons with the buyer. Once approved by the parties, an hourly range will be defined. Such range can be considered as delay only if it excesses more than 2 hours of the extremity of the time range. If delivery occurs, the customer cannot refuse the order. 

O quayshopseychelles commits to do its best effort to deliver the products to the Customer within the deadlines specified by the order. 

In the event where the ordered products were not delivered within the deadlines aforementioned, the sale can be resolved in writing at the written request of the customer. The sums paid by the Customer will be immediately returned unless hypothesis of compensation or restraint.

O quayshopseychelles is exempted of responsibility in every case of force majeure, unpredictable and external circumstances, in case of disaster or of bad weather recognized, of strikes of suppliers, or any other event which can perturb the circulation of goods and/or the functioning of the data networks and the internet. 

In case of dispute, we consider with our customers the best commercial solutions.

The delivery is considered to be made once the products are given by O quayshopseychelles to the Customer.

In case of particular requests of the Customer concerning the conditions of packaging or transportation of the ordered products, duly accepted in writing by O quayshopseychelles, the related costs will be the object of a additional specific invoicing, on estimate in beforehand accepted by the Customer.

Upon delivery, the Customer shall inspect and verify the visible state of products. In the slightest problem, the Customer can refuse the damaged, broken, not corresponding product (in case of specific order). The incriminated product will be either changed or paid off immediately.